Audubon Bird Journal

Audubon Bird Journal Author John James Audubon
ISBN-10 0735336784
Year 2013-01-01
Pages 112
Language en
Publisher Galison Books

The colorful bird images are reproduced from hand-colored lithographs from John James Audubon's The Birds of America, published in New York and Philadelphia 1840-45.

Audubon Life List Journal

Audubon Life List Journal Author National Audubon Society
ISBN-10 157965133X
Year 1999
Pages 256
Language en
Publisher Artisan Publishers

A special place for birders to record their observations and memories. Essays accompany original images from the world's greatest bird photographers. 115 illustrations. in color.

John James Audubon

John James Audubon Author Gregory Nobles
ISBN-10 9780812248944
Year 2017-03-10
Pages 360
Language en
Publisher University of Pennsylvania Press

In John James Audubon: The Nature of the American Woodsman, Gregory Nobles shows that one of Audubon's greatest creations was himself. Nobles explores the central irony of Audubon's true nature: the man who took so much time and trouble to depict birds so carefully left us a bold but deceptive picture of himself.

John James Audubon s Journal Of 1826

John James Audubon s Journal Of 1826 Author John James Audubon
ISBN-10 9780803225312
Year 2011-07
Pages 474
Language en
Publisher U of Nebraska Press

John James Audubon, an early American naturalist and painter, produced one of the greatest works of natural history and art of the nineteenth century, The Birds of America. As the record of the interior story of the making of this monumental work, his journal of 1826 is one of the richest documents in the history of American culture. ø The first accurate transcription of Audubon?s 1826 journal, this edition corrects many of the errors, both intentional and unintentional, found in previous editions. Such errors have obscured the figure of Audubon as a man struggling to realize his professional and artistic dreams. When Audubon embarked for Liverpool from New Orleans in 1826, he carried with him more than 250 of his watercolor drawings in a heavy case, a packet of letters of introduction, and many a good reason to believe that he was a fool to be gambling his family?s fortunes on so risky and grandiose a venture. These journal entries, conveying with energy and emotion Audubon?s experience of risking everything on a dream??Oh, America, Wife, Children and acquaintances, Farewell!??document an American icon?s transformation from a beleaguered backwoods artist and naturalist to the man who would become America?s premier ornithologist, illustrator of birds, and nature essayist.

A Summer of Birds

A Summer of Birds Author Danny Heitman
ISBN-10 9780807139639
Year 2008-04-01
Pages 144
Language en
Publisher LSU Press

As the summer of 1821 began, John James Audubon's ambition to create a comprehensive pictorial record of American birds was still largely a dream. Then, out of economic necessity, Audubon came to Oakley Plantation, a sprawling estate in Louisiana's West Feliciana Parish. Teeming with an abundance of birds, the woods of Oakley galvanized Audubon's sense of possibility for one of the most audacious undertakings in the annals of art. In A Summer of Birds, journalist and essayist Danny Heitman sorts through the facts and romance of Audubon's summer at Oakley, a season that clearly shaped the destiny of the world's most famous bird artist. Heitman draws from a rich variety of sources -- including Audubon's own extensive journals, more recent Audubon scholarship, and Robert Penn Warren's poetry -- to create a stimulating excursion across time, linking the historical man Audubon to the present-day civic and cultural icon. He considers the financial straits that led to Audubon's employment at Oakley as a private tutor to fifteen-year-old Eliza Pirrie, Audubon's family history, his flamboyance as a master of self-invention, his naturalist and artistic techniques, and the possible reasons for his dismissal. Illustrations include photographs of Oakley House -- now a state historic site -- Audubon's paintings from his Oakley period, and portraits of the Pirrie family members. A favorable combination of climate and geography made Oakley a birding haven, and Audubon completed or began at least twenty-three bird paintings -- among his finest work -- while staying there. A Summer of Birds will inform and delight readers in its exploration of this eventful but unsung 1821 interlude, a fascinating chapter in the life of America's foremost bird artist. It is an indispensable pleasure for birders, Audubon enthusiasts, and visitors to Oakley House.

Birds A Spiritual Journal

Birds   A Spiritual Journal Author Arin Murphy-Hiscock
ISBN-10 9781440529368
Year 2012-01-15
Pages 256
Language en
Publisher Adams Media

Every bird that visits you is a messenger holding spiritual guidance or a prophecy. For the first time, birdwatchers can record the type of bird they see and the sacred message it holds especially for them. This lovely journal helps you identify a specific bird, determine its corresponding symbolism, and record your impressions by asking questions such as: What kind of bird visited you today? Did the sighting evoke any immediate emotions? Were your feelings or mood transformed once you had the encounter? In what way does the bird's message resonate with you? Complete with a key to more than sixty of the most popular species in North America, this journal turns a hobby into divine providence!

Saving American Birds

Saving American Birds Author Oliver H. Orr
ISBN-10 0813011299
Year 1992
Pages 296
Language en
Publisher University Press of Florida

"A captivating account of one of the neglected pioneers of the conservation movement . . . and an insight into attitudes we must update if we are to adapt to the environmental realities of the twenty-first century."--Roland C. Clement, past president, National Audubon Society "A trail-blazing volume. . . . one of the few books covering this critical period and the life of a key player in the conservation movement."--Peter Bennett, director, Florida Museum of Natural History "Orr documents how Pearson grew from bird collecting to bird advocacy and in doing so promoted field studies, ecological concerns, wildlife laws, and a moral sense for nature."--Robin W. Doughty, University of Texas, Austin T. Gilbert Pearson (1873-1943) was one of the most influential ornithologists in North America, crusading for the cause of conservation a century before the modern movement to save the earth's resources. Working in the American Ornithologists' Union, Pearson and other pioneering conservationists radically altered public attitudes toward birds, lobbied laws through state legislatures, and involved the national government in bird protection. Their activities, documented in this biography of Pearson's early career, spearheaded the movement that eventually led to today's Audubon societies. As a boy in rural Florida, Pearson was an avid--even obsessive--"egger." On a particularly lucrative day in 1889 he gathered eggs from the nests of a hawk, flicker, mockingbird, grackle, and ground dove and was only momentarily stymied by the discovery of five eggs in a crow's nest located high in a 100-foot pine tree. "Putting three of the eggs in my mouth and taking two in my hand, I descended without mishap," he reported. His love for birds grew in company with an increasing alarm at the extent to which they were killed, not just for sport but for decorating hats, too. In 1892, in college in North Carolina, he participated in a student oratory contest in which he described the cruelties of plume hunting, concluding, "O fashion! how many crimes are done in thy name!" After joining the AOU in 1891, Pearson organized efforts to protect birds that were vulnerable to commercial exploitation and unregulated hunting. In 1902 he founded the Audubon Society of North Carolina, the South's first state agency for wildlife. By 1911, the year this account ends, Pearson had become the first full-time leader of the National Association of Audubon Societies. He continued his work with the national organization until 1934, helping to build the association into the strong international force for conservation that it is today. Oliver Orr is a retired specialist in American history, Manuscript Division, Library of Congress, and a long-time member of the National Audubon Society. He is the author of Charles Brantley Aycock and coauthor of A Guide to the Study of the United States of America.

Audubon s Western Journal 1849 1850 Abridged Annotated

Audubon s Western Journal  1849 1850  Abridged  Annotated Author John Woodhouse Audubon
Year 2016-02-02
Language en

John Woodhouse Audubon was the son of the famous naturalist, John James Audubon, and was a respected naturalist and painter in his own right. In 1849, he journeyed out to the American West and Mexico. He describes early California and the Gold Rush of '49. Audubon took notes of scenes and occurrences by the way. In his descriptions he exhibits the keen observation of the naturalist and the trained eye of the artist. The result is a remarkable picture of social conditions in Mexico, of birds and trees, of sky and mountains and the changing face of nature, of the barrenness of the desert and the difficulties of the journey, of the ruined missions of California, of methods of mining, and of the chaos of races and babel of tongues in the gold fields. It was Audubon’s intention to rewrite his notes and to publish them. One part was printed privately and given to a few friends but distractions at home prevented the completion of the work. For the first time, this long out-of-print volume is available as an affordable, well-formatted book for e-readers and smartphones. Be sure to LOOK INSIDE by clicking the cover above. Buy it today!

Birding Journal

Birding Journal Author Vanessa Sorensen
ISBN-10 9781591933182
Year 2011-02-02
Pages 144
Language en
Publisher Adventure Publications

Record your favorite birding moments inside this perfect birding companion. Note which birds you see, and when and where you saw them. Document the birds eating at your feeder. Compare first arrivals from year to year. Keep track of your life list and more. Whether you're a beginning bird watcher or a seasoned birder, this beautiful journal - with its sophisticated art and elegant style - is a book you'll use again and again.