California Real Estate License Express

California Real Estate License Express Author David Cusic
ISBN-10 9780692839669
Year 2017-02-03
Pages 286
Language en
Publisher Performance Programs Company

Features of California Real Estate License Express (CA-RELE): -National Principles & Law Key Point Review (45 pages) -Real Estate Math Key Formula Review & Practice (17 pages) - California-Specific Laws and Practices (50 pages) - National Practice Tests (500 questions) - California Practice Tests (90 questions) - California Sample Exam (105 questions) We know the real estate licensing exam can be tough, and very nerve-wracking to prepare for. That’s why we created the California Real Estate License Express (CA-RELE) the way we did. Since we have been managing real estate schools and developing curriculum for forty years, we know how all this works – or fails to work. CA-RELE is comprehensive in that it contains both key content review and testing practice. And the text review is California-specific – not just simplistic national content, but terse, relevant and accurate California laws and regulations presented as a well-organized set of state ‘key point reviews’ ideal for pre-test memorization. But let’s not dismiss the importance of the national content either. CA-RELE’s national key point reviews are a succinct compression of tested national principles and practices that comprise the national portion of state license exams from coast to coast. Our content is drawn from our own national textbook, Principles of Real Estate Practice – one of the most widely used principles textbooks in the country. Finally, our national content, as well as our question selection, is further tailored to the state testing outline promulgated by the California Bureau of Real Estate (CalBRE). Thus the breadth and depth of the law reviews and test questions reflect the topic emphasis of your state’s testing service and your California license exam. A word about the test questions… CA-RELE’s testing practice section consists of ten national practice tests, three state practice tests, and one state exam sample test. The practice tests are roughly 50 questions in length and the sample test is 105 questions. The test questions are designed to cover the content covered by the law reviews – which reinforces your learning of the total body of information tested by your California exam. The questions are direct, to the point, and designed to test your understanding. When you have completed a given test, you can check your answers against the answer key in the appendix. You may also note that each question’s answer is accompanied by a brief explanation, or “rationale” to further reinforce your understanding. In the end, as you know, it’s all up to you. Unlike other publications, we are not going to tell you that using this book will guarantee that you pass your state exam. It still takes hard work and study to pass. But we have done our best here to get you ready. Following that, the most we can do is wish you the best of success in taking and passing your California real estate exam. So good luck!!

Principles of Real Estate Practice in Tennessee

Principles of Real Estate Practice in Tennessee Author Stephen Mettling
ISBN-10 9780915777051
Year 2017-04-28
Pages 600
Language en
Publisher Performance Programs Company

Principles of Real Estate Practice in Tennessee contains the essentials of the national and Tennessee real estate law, principles, and practices necessary for basic competence as a real estate professional and as mandated by Tennessee license law. It is based on our highly successful and popular national publication, Principles of Real Estate Practice, which is in use in real estate schools nationwide. The text is tailored to the needs of the pre-license student. It is designed to - make it easy for students to learn the material and pass their real estate exam - prepare students for numerous career applications - stress practical, rather than theoretical, skills and knowledge. Principles of Real Estate Practice in Tennessee is streamlined, direct and to-the-point. It includes multiple learning reinforcements. It has a student-oriented organization, both within each chapter and from chapter to chapter. Its examples and exercises are grounded in the authors’ many years in real estate education. Table of Contents The Real Estate Business Rights in Real Estate Interests and Estates Ownership Encumbrances and Liens Transferring and Recording Title to Real Estate Real Estate Leases Land Use Planning and Control Legal Descriptions Real Estate Contract Law Agency Listing Agreements The Brokerage Business Contracts for the Sale of Real Estate Real Estate Market Economics Appraising and Estimating Market Value Real Estate Finance Real Estate Investment Real Estate Taxation Ethics: Laws and Practices Closings Real Estate Licensing and Regulation Risk Management Property Management The Tennessee Regulatory Environment Tennessee Licensing Regulation Tennessee Brokerage Regulation Tennessee Agency Other Tennessee Laws Glossary of Residential Style and Construction Terms Glossary of General Real Estate Terms Index

Real Estate License Exams For Dummies

Real Estate License Exams For Dummies Author John A. Yoegel
ISBN-10 9781119370673
Year 2017-04-10
Pages 456
Language en
Publisher John Wiley & Sons

Your ticket to passing the real estate license exam In order to become a licensed real estate agent, you must pass your state's real estate licensing exam–and with this hands-on guide, you'll get everything you need to succeed. Inside, you'll find the latest and most up-to-date information on contracts, deeds, appraisals, leasing, and mortgage types, plus four full-length practice tests to help prepare you for test day. Before you know it, you'll have all the knowledge you need to pass the exam and join the ranks as a professional real estate agent. Every year, thousands of Americans make the leap to an exciting, rewarding new career in real estate. If you want to get the best possible score, Real Estate License Exams For Dummies will help you pass with flying colors–and get your new career off to a great start! Includes four sample tests with detailed answer explanations and walk-throughs Covers real estate laws for all 50 states Provides proven test-taking strategies and study techniques Offers a glossary of real estate terms If real estate is your dream career, this unbeatable, bestselling guide arms you with the skills to make it a reality.

Real Estate Math Express

Real Estate Math Express Author Stephen Mettling
ISBN-10 9781495255571
Year 2014-01-20
Pages 75
Language en
Publisher Performance Programs Company

Real Estate Math Express is a concise, easy-to-study test preparation guide to help real estate students improve their real estate math scores to pass the state licensing test. The primary feature of Real Estate Math Express is that it contains all necessary formulas and practice questions in 70+ pages. This enables you to truly cram for the math portion of your state’s licensure test, memorize key formulas, and walk into the exam site having all the essential material in your short-term memory! So, if you want a truly rapid review resource, Real Estate Math Express is for you. No frills, no lengthy explanations…..just key formulas, definitions, corresponding examples and practice questions. Real Estate Math Express can be broken down into 3 major parts: Math Formulary Math Questions Answer Key The math formulary is the section that introduces each major real estate math topic and its corresponding formula(s). Real Estate Math Express covers numerous topics ranging from basic math to capitalization rates to prorations and finally to closing cost calculations. Once the math formulas have been mastered, there are over 110 sample questions for you to practice with. Each question has both an answer and an explanation of the correct answer at the end of the book.

Communicating Risks and Benefits

Communicating Risks and Benefits Author Baruch Fischhoff
ISBN-10 0160901790
Year 2012-03-08
Pages 240
Language en
Publisher Government Printing Office

Effective risk communication is essential to the well-being of any organization and those people who depend on it. Ineffective communication can cost lives, money and reputations. Communicating Risks and Benefits: An Evidence-Based User’s Guide provides the scientific foundations for effective communications. The book authoritatively summarizes the relevant research, draws out its implications for communication design, and provides practical ways to evaluate and improve communications for any decision involving risks and benefits. Topics include the communication of quantitative information and warnings, the roles of emotion and the news media, the effects of age and literacy, and tests of how well communications meet the organization’s goals. The guide will help users in any organization, with any budget, to make the science of their communications as sound as the science that they are communicating.

Introductory Statistics

Introductory Statistics Author Barbara Illowsky
ISBN-10 1938168208
Year 2013-10-31
Pages 848
Language en

"Introductory Statistics is designed for the one-semester, introduction to statistics course and is geared toward students majoring in fields other than math or engineering. This text assumes students have been exposed to intermediate algebra, and it focuses on the applications of statistical knowledge rather than the theory behind it. The foundation of this textbook is Collaborative Statistics, by Barbara Illowsky and Susan Dean."--Page 5.

Real Estate Licensing Exams

Real Estate Licensing Exams Author Jack P. Friedman
ISBN-10 1438007450
Year 2016-05-01
Pages 672
Language en
Publisher Barron's Educational Series

This book is updated with the latest information in real estate finance, federal law and regulation, and appraisal license requirements. Includes more than 1,600 practice questions similar to those found on licensing exams, including 9 model tests, all questions answered and explained, and more.

California Real Estate License Preparation

California Real Estate License Preparation Author William H. Pivar
ISBN-10 1133434924
Year 2012-03
Pages 507
Language en
Publisher Oncourse Learning

The classic examination prep guide provides a complete background in California real estate principles and reflects the most recent changes in California real estate licensure requirements. The authors provide instruction and hands-on experience in examination techniques. The text can be used in conjunction with California Real Estate Principles or as a standalone preparation tool for the California real estate exam.


Taxifornia Author James V. Lacy
ISBN-10 1618689886
Year 2014-01-07
Pages 256
Language en
Publisher Post Hill Press

Things have never been worse for California and its citizens, and Liberalism is to blame. In Taxifornia, James V. Lacy identifies and examines California's “one-party” domination of the liberal faction of the California Democratic Party and their union and environmental lobby cronies as the cause of California's rotting economy, and how all Americans are losing as a result. Liberalism is to blame for California's rotting economy. The biggest and most important state in America was once a land of opportunity in a wonderful climate. But times have surely changed. Things have never been worse for California and its citizens. California's “one-party” domination of the liberal faction of the California Democratic Party and their union and environmental lobby cronies have wrecked havoc on California, and all Americans are losing as a result. In Taxifornia, James V. Lacy identifies and examines the true causes of California’s decline. Californians are victims of the heaviest taxation in all of America, and those high taxes are now steadily destroying the state’s economy. Tax-and-spend liberals who are in control have created a state that taxes and regulates more than any other state in the country, and have engineered a rotting economy with among the highest unemployment of any state in the nation. Its high taxes hurt all Californians by making the state too expensive for business to turn profitable. Business flight has become endemic. California’s over-regulation of businesses depresses employment in the state. A widely accepted tenet among liberal politicians, political science academics, and the media in California is that no development at all is a good thing. It is a state that educates the worst but pays the best to its teachers, a place that is widely considered by most CEOs to be one of the worst locations in the nation to run a business, where local governments are going bankrupt, and where an out-of-control public employee pay and pension system threatens to gobble up and divert almost all available taxpayer resources to a point where cities and counties simply cannot afford to pay for police, fire, or road maintenance anymore. California has an outdated environmental policy and an energy policy that makes the state almost totally dependent on one source of power: imported natural gas. It is a place where the public employee union worker who controls traffic in the Bay Area Rapid Transit District maintenance yard in poverty-stricken and near bankrupt Oakland is paid more annually than the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court in Washington, D.C. Top leaders of the California Republican Party readily acknowledge their party is in very deep trouble. Jim Brulte, the state chairman of the GOP and a respected veteran of the California Legislature, has identified the source of the GOP's sorry condition as a "failure to recognize changing demographics" and has said that Republicans have been too reluctant to venture into communities outside of their traditional power base. "If we want to be successful, we have to get outside of our comfort zone," Brulte said. "Too many Republican Party leaders or Republican elected officials spend all their time talking to the choir." Having identified the problems correctly, Lacy offers observations--with over 800 footnotes--about what can be done to restore political balance in the state, as well as some rational ideas for how California can fix its economic problems. But the economic and political situation in California today is at such an extreme, whether California can ever return to the broad prosperity of the past and once again lead the nation, is a very open question.

QuickPass tm 2015 Uniform Plumbing Code UPC Study Guide

QuickPass tm  2015 Uniform Plumbing Code  UPC    Study Guide Author
ISBN-10 162270133X
Year 2016-03-04
Language en

This comprehensive study guide plus interactive CD-ROM, based on the 2015 Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC)®, is designed to help you pass the State License Plumbing Exam, the Journeyman Plumber Exam and the Master Plumber Exam. This interactive study guide is also a valuable tool for those studying for commercial and residential plumbing inspection exams. The interactive CD-ROM includes all the question in the book presented in different formats to help optimize your studying time! Choose between study mode and exam mode.