Craig S Story

Craig   S Story Author Stewart Meyer
ISBN-10 9781512776195
Year 2017-03-27
Pages 118
Language en
Publisher WestBow Press

January 4, 2007, we received notification that Craig’s plane was missing. His plane was not to be located for 24 hours due to inclement weather. During that time, a search team on ground and in the air was looking for any indication of a downed plane. January 5th about noon, the debris of a plane matching the description was spotted from the air, in a mountainous area about a mile South of the Batesville, Arkansas airport. Craig, the co-pilot, and the other pilot were unable to arrive safely at the airport due to the weather. There were no survivors. Nothing had prepared Craig’s family for this devastation. Craig’s wife and seven month old daughter, parents, sister, and numerous family and friends were devastated. A family, inexperienced in the grieving process, began the long journey. A journey of faith, family and friends. A family, who could have been pulled apart by such a tragedy, became a stronger family unit. This story chronicles the journey of one family, who were forced to learn as they went, and yet managed to complete a tragic journey. It was written as a testament of innocence, broken by devastation, the ups and downs of the grieving process, and ultimately, their survival. Written with love, it is intended as an inspirational guide to those who ultimately must face uncertainty after losing one so dear, but with the help of the One above.

One Last Miracle

One Last Miracle Author Kathy Baker-tripp
ISBN-10 1542993652
Year 2017-02-10
Language en

One Last Miracle Craig's Story Shattered a life stolen in the night, replaced with a stranger, no past memories unable to cling to new memories. Could Craig find his way back from this nightmare? Transformations of Life and its Cycles It's hard to say where one life ends and another life begins. Blood covered his face and chest. Convulsions shook his frail body. December 29, 2000, Craig slipped into a coma. A personal account of Craig's journey as told by his wife. This story is both heartbreaking and hopeful. It is a story of love and compassion, one that will live on through you the readers, as you share Craig's Story "One Last Miracle."

The Jenny Craig Story

The Jenny Craig Story Author Jenny Craig
ISBN-10 0471478644
Year 2004-03-05
Pages 211
Language en
Publisher John Wiley & Sons

The founder of the weight-loss organization discusses the personal obstacles she has faced, her decision to start her own business, her own experiences with weight issues, and her philosophies about what contributes to unhealthy weight gain.

The Story of Craig Winston

The Story of Craig Winston Author Breckwoldt
ISBN-10 9781438996363
Year 2009-07
Pages 36
Language en
Publisher AuthorHouse

The story of Craig Winston is an illustrated book of fiction for children in grade levels K through 3 and their adult co-readers. The book tells the tale of a green first grade bear, Craig, who accidentally discovers that he has been adopted, the fear and confusion generated by this discovery, and the emotional journey he embarks on in his quest for answers. The discussion guide which accompanies the text can assist parents, educators, school psychologists, librarians and counselors in exploring and working through adoption-related issues with their young readers.

What s Your Story

What s Your Story Author Craig Wortmann
ISBN-10 0985325305
Year 2006-09
Pages 242
Language en

"What's Your Story?" helps leaders enhance their performance by looking at their everyday communications differently. By learning how to use the right stories at the right timeNsuccess and failure storiesNCraig will show how to create strong connections and enhance performance.

Pennsylvania s Revolution

Pennsylvania s Revolution Author William Pencak
ISBN-10 9780271035796
Year 2010-01
Pages 396
Language en
Publisher Penn State Press

"A collection of essays on the American Revolution in Pennsylvania. Topics include the politicization of the English- and German-language press and the population they served; the Revolution in remote areas of the state; and new historical perspectives on the American and British armies during the Valley Forge winter"--Provided by publisher.

Cancer Patients Cancer Pathways

Cancer Patients  Cancer Pathways Author C. Timmermann
ISBN-10 9781137272089
Year 2012-10-10
Pages 270
Language en
Publisher Springer

Eleven essays by historians and sociologists examine cancer research and treatment as everyday practice in post-war Europe and North America. These are not stories of inevitable medical progress and obstacles overcome, but of historical contingencies, cultural differences, hope, and often disappointed expectations.

The Psychology of Adversity

The Psychology of Adversity Author Robert Stephen Feldman
ISBN-10 1558490361
Year 1996
Pages 290
Language en
Publisher Univ of Massachusetts Press

This volume brings together 13 original essays by psychologists who study adversity and share a commitment to finding workable solutions to some of the critical problems facing society. The structure of the book follows the human life cycle from infancy to adulthood.

Truth Truthfulness

Truth   Truthfulness Author Bernard Arthur Owen Williams
ISBN-10 0691102767
Year 2002
Pages 328
Language en
Publisher Princeton University Press

What does it mean to be truthful? What role does truth play in our lives? What do we lose if we reject truthfulness? No philosopher is better suited to answer these questions than Bernard Williams. Writing with his characteristic combination of passion and elegant simplicity, he explores the value of truth and finds it to be both less and more than we might imagine. Modern culture exhibits two attitudes toward truth: suspicion of being deceived (no one wants to be fooled) and skepticism that objective truth exists at all (no one wants to be naive). This tension between a demand for truthfulness and the doubt that there is any truth to be found is not an abstract paradox. It has political consequences and signals a danger that our intellectual activities, particularly in the humanities, may tear themselves to pieces. Williams's approach, in the tradition of Nietzsche's genealogy, blends philosophy, history, and a fictional account of how the human concern with truth might have arisen. Without denying that we should worry about the contingency of much that we take for granted, he defends truth as an intellectual objective and a cultural value. He identifies two basic virtues of truth, Accuracy and Sincerity, the first of which aims at finding out the truth and the second at telling it. He describes different psychological and social forms that these virtues have taken and asks what ideas can make best sense of them today. Truth and Truthfulness presents a powerful challenge to the fashionable belief that truth has no value, but equally to the traditional faith that its value guarantees itself. Bernard Williams shows us that when we lose a sense of the value of truth, we lose a lot both politically and personally, and may well lose everything.

Me to We

Me to We Author Craig Kielburger
ISBN-10 9780470739884
Year 2010-01-08
Pages 320
Language en
Publisher John Wiley & Sons

For everyone who has ever yearned for a better life and a better world, Craig and Marc Kielburger share a blueprint for personal and social change that has the power to transform lives, one act at a time. Through inspirational contributions from people from all walks of life, the Kielburgers reveal that a more fulfilling path is ours for the taking when we find the courage to reach out. Me To We is an approach to life that leads us to recognize what is truly valuable, make new decisions about the way we want to live, and re-define the goals we set for ourselves and the legacy we want to leave. Written by individuals who have followed the Me To We philosophy, including Oprah Winfrey, Richard Gere, Queen Noor, and Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Above all, it creates new ways of measuring happiness, meaning, and success in our lives, and makes sure these elusive goals are attainable at last. Best of all, Me to We is relevant to all readers including parents, young people, seniors and business leaders providing practical ways on how to incorporate this philosophy into your lives. Be inspired and share the feeling with your neighbours, friends and family. Your life will never be the same!

Both Ends Burning

Both Ends Burning Author Craig Juntunen
ISBN-10 1432734865
Year 2009
Pages 226
Language en
Publisher Outskirts Press

Craig Juntunen appeared to have it all. He sold his company at the age of 40, and set out to live the good life of retirement. But he soon began to feel something was lacking. When a friend told him the story of adopting two girls from Haiti, Craig's emptiness gave way to a sense of adventure. On a trip to the desperate Third World nation, a country wracked by poverty, corruption and kidnappings, his self-serving lifestyle began a very profound transformation. At an orphanage outside of Port-Au-Prince Craig encountered Espie, Amelec and Quinn. Even after decades of table-pounding declarations he would never have children, at 51 Craig became a dad. This inspirational story of an unexpected journey and personal transformation will say many things to different people. But for all it delivers a powerful reminder of our responsibility to reach out and be there for kids. "Craig's story is very compelling and very real. It demonstrates the beauty of the adoption story....everybody wins. You start out by providing a home for a child but you end up providing more for yourself than you ever imagined." Kirk Triplett, PGA Golf Professional and adoptive parent.

Sole Agent

Sole Agent Author Kenneth Benton
Year 1970-01-01
Pages 224
Language en
Publisher Dan Benton

Peter Craig was hoping his stopover in Lisbon would just be long enough to share lunch and stories with Ferreira, now chief of the Portuguese Security Service. But a KGB spy, local revolutionaries and the British Defence Attaché’s maverick daughter are all unwittingly conspiring to ruin his day. Caught between the police, the Embassy and the Kremlin, Craig will need all his bravery and cunning to prevent a diplomatic scandal – and to stay alive.

I Can Be

I Can Be Author Craig W. Johnson
ISBN-10 1477209972
Year 2012-03-06
Pages 24
Language en
Publisher AuthorHouse

The role that Dads play in the lives of their daughters is an important one and often shapes the women they become in the future. Craig Johnson’s book, "I Can Be", is about helping Dads create stronger bonds with their daughters. It's a fun story Dads can read to their daughters every night to help them build confidence and promote independence. Craig's book is inspired by the memories of his father and all of the wonderful things they did together.

Amazing Canadian Kids

Amazing Canadian Kids Author Sheneeza Kanji
ISBN-10 1463420617
Year 2012-01-25
Pages 88
Language en
Publisher AuthorHouse

The five Canadian kids you will meet in these chapters have impacted the world to the point where it is forever changed. Thanks to their youthful innocence, they saw a great need, and did not hesitate in raising their voice and forging new paths to emerge triumphant in their quest to make the world a better place for the environment and their fellow human beings. You will read how their journey began and how it unfolded during their childhood, and what they are doing today to continue their amazing work. At the end of each chapter, you will be empowered with facts and suggestions on how you can do your part to change the world – because kids can make a difference! The author will donate a percentage of personal proceeds from sales of this book to each of the organizations/causes represented by the five Canadian "kids". An "Amazing Children Around The World" Book