Heaven and Earth

Heaven and Earth Author Ian Plimer
ISBN-10 0704371669
Year 2009
Pages 360
Language en

"We are certainly facing a global threat, argues Professor Plimer, but it is not the threat of global warming: it is the policy responses to percieved global warming and the demonising of those who dissent"--Inside front cover.

On Heaven and Earth

On Heaven and Earth Author Jorge Mario Bergoglio
ISBN-10 9780770435073
Year 2013-04-19
Pages 256
Language en
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From the man who became Pope Francis, Jorge Mario Bergoglio shares his thoughts on religion, reason, and the challenges the world faces in the 21st century with Abraham Skorka, a rabbi and biophysicist. For years Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, archbishop of Argentina, and Rabbi Abraham Skorka were tenacious promoters of interreligious dialogues on faith and reason. They both sought to build bridges among Catholicism, Judaism, and the world at large. On Heaven and Earth, originally published in Argentina in 2010, brings together a series of these conversations where both men talked about various theological and worldly issues, including God, fundamentalism, atheism, abortion, homosexuality, euthanasia, same-sex marriage, and globalization. From these personal and accessible talks comes a first-hand view of the man who would become pope to 1.2 billion Catholics around the world in March 2013.

Between Heaven and Earth

Between Heaven and Earth Author Harriet Beinfield
ISBN-10 9780804151733
Year 2013-12-18
Pages 448
Language en
Publisher Ballantine Books

Two of the foremost American educators and healers in the Chinese medical profession demystify Chinese medicine's centuries-odl approach to health. Combining Eastern traditions with Western sensibilities in a unique blend that is relevant today, BETWEEN HEAVEN AND EARTH opens the door to a vast storehouse of knowledge that bridges the gap between mind and body, theory and practice, professional and self-care, East and West.

Between Heaven and Earth

Between Heaven and Earth Author Eric Walters
ISBN-10 9781554699438
Year 2012-10-12
Pages 264
Language en
Publisher Orca Book Publishers

DJ is David McLean's eldest grandson, so it stands to reason that he be the one to scatter his beloved grandfather's ashes. At least that's how DJ sees it. He's always been the best at everything – sports, school, looking after his fatherless family – so climbing Kilimanjaro is just another thing he'll accomplish almost effortlessly. Or so he thinks, until he arrives in Tanzania and everything starts to go wrong. He's detained at immigration, he gets robbed, his climbing group includes an old lady and he gets stuck with the first ever female porter. Forced to go polepole (slowly), DJ finds out the hard way that youth, fitness level and drive have nothing to do with success on the mountain – or in life.

Unifying the Universe

Unifying the Universe Author Hasan S. Padamsee
ISBN-10 0750307587
Year 2002-11-05
Pages 668
Language en
Publisher CRC Press

Unifying the Universe: The Physics of Heaven and Earth provides a solid background in basic physics. With a humanistic perspective, it shows how science is significant for more than its technological consequences. The book includes clear and well-planned links to the arts and philosophies of relevant historical periods to bring science and the humanities together.

The Beginning of Heaven and Earth

The Beginning of Heaven and Earth Author Christal Whelan
ISBN-10 0824818245
Year 1996-01
Pages 135
Language en
Publisher University of Hawaii Press

From a universal religion the Tenchi constructs a system of beliefs entirely Japanese in spirit. Its earliest context was in all likelihood the encounter between a storyteller and a group of Kakure Kirishitan.

Balancing Heaven and Earth

Balancing Heaven and Earth Author Robert A. Johnson
ISBN-10 9780061956553
Year 2009-07-21
Pages 320
Language en
Publisher Harper Collins

One of this century's most popular psychology scholars, Robert A.Johnson was among the first to present Carl Jung's rich but complex theories with simple elegance and grace,opening them to an entirely new and hungry audience. His masterful works--including the best selling He, She, Inner Work, and Owning Your Own Shadow-are known and loved as much for their beautiful retellings of timeless myths and folktales as for their deep wisdom and profound insight. Balancing Heaven and Earth reveals, for the first time, Johnson's own fascinating and mystical life-from his near-death experience at the age of eleven to the lifelong soul journey that has informed his writing and taught him how to live a spiritual life in the endlessly challenging modern world. Full of compelling, humorous, and surprising stories of encounters with an assortment of "sages, saints, and sinners," it lays bare Johnson's own inner world and its dazzeling landscape of powerful dreams, mystical visions, and synchronistic events. Beginnning with a vivid retelling of the childhood accident that claimed the lower part of his right leg, Johnson describes the life-defining moment when he was transported by a mystical vision to a realm that exists just beyond ordinary consciousness-a realm he calls the "Golden World." With this experience, described as "both my curse and my blessing," Johnson is launched on a spiritual quest that leads him in search of Eastern wisdom, to encounters with such wise men as J. Krishnamurti and D.T. Suzuki, and finally to Carl Jung, who shows him his destiny revealed in a dream. Johnson's experiences lead him to a unique understanding and acceptance of the slender connecting threads at work in all our lives, guiding us and shaping who we are-"call it fate, destiny, or the hand of God." As much a personal guide as a memoir, Balancing Heaven and Earth teaches us to follow , as Johnson has, the subtle influences of dreams, visions, and even our deepest sufferings in order to live attuned to our spiritual selves. A pure delight for Johnson's many fans and a splendid example of his trademark blend of illustrative myth and psychological insight, this is a work of incomparable beauty and inspiration showcasing the wisdom of a lifetime.

Heaven and Earth in the Gospel of Matthew

Heaven and Earth in the Gospel of Matthew Author Jonathan T. Pennington
ISBN-10 9789004162051
Year 2007
Pages 399
Language en
Publisher BRILL

A much-overlooked aspect of the Gospel of Matthew is the theme of heaven and earth. Rather than being a reverential circumlocution for God, 'heaven' in Matthew is part of a highly developed discourse of heaven and earth language. Matthew's idiolectic way of using heaven language consists of four aspects: 1) a distinction in meaning between singular and plural forms of "ouranos"; 2) frequent use of the heaven and earth word pair; 3) regular reference to the Father in heaven; and 4) the recurrent use of the Matthean expression, kingdom of heaven. This book examines the historical precedents for each of these aspects and shows in Matthew how they serve one overriding theological purpose: to highlight the tension that currently exists between heaven and earth or God and humanity, while looking forward to its eschatological resolution.

The Division of Heaven and Earth

The Division of Heaven and Earth Author Shokdung
ISBN-10 9781849049252
Year 2017-01-01
Language en
Publisher Oxford University Press

This is a translation of one of the most influential and important books from Tibet in the modern era, a passionate indictment of Chinese policies and an eloquent analysis of protests that swept Tibet from March, 2008 - the 'Earth Rat' year according to the Tibetan calendar - as a re-awakening of Tibetan national consciousness and solidarity. The Division of Heaven and Earth was banned by the Chinese government on publication, and led to Shokdung being "disappeared" and imprisoned for nearly six months. This English translation is being made available for the first time since copies began to circulate underground in Tibet. The author, Tagyal -- who uses the pen name Shokdung, meaning "morning conch"-- one of Tibet's leading intellectuals, wrote his book in response to an unprecedented wave of bold demonstrations and expressions of Tibetan solidarity and national identity. In his foreword Matthew Akester, a Tibet specialist who translated this book into English, offers an account of the significance of these developments, which transformed the political landscape across the plateau and led to a sustained and violent crackdown by the Chinese authorities that continues to this day. Shokdung's book is regarded as the most daring and wide-ranging critique of China's policies in Tibet since the 10th Panchen

Religion in Japan

Religion in Japan Author P. F. Kornicki
ISBN-10 0521550289
Year 1996-02-08
Pages 315
Language en
Publisher Cambridge University Press

A remarkable 1996 collection of essays exploring different aspects of religion in Japan by an international team of contributors. The range of subjects include chapters on new religions in post-war Japan, on beliefs about fox-possession in the Heian period and on the religious life of the first shogunate in the late twelfth century.

Health Revelations from Heaven and Earth

Health Revelations from Heaven and Earth Author Tommy Rosa
ISBN-10 9781623366254
Year 2015-10-27
Pages 272
Language en
Publisher Rodale

In 1999, Bronx-born plumber Tommy Rosa died after being the victim of a hit-and-run incident. Lying by the road, he felt a tug whisking him off into a tunnel of light. He found himself in a blessed place. He was shown that God created the Earth to nourish and heal mankind and that our sense of separation from each other and the divine is of our own making. He met his Divine Teacher and received a series of profound lessons--Eight Revelations about the nature of Heaven and Earth. Tommy returned to Earth with a heightened sense of connection to one and all. But the bliss of Heaven was quickly replaced by a long and painful recovery, and Tommy struggled to make sense of all that he had learned. Around the same time, Dr. Stephen Sinatra, an integrative cardiologist, was revolutionizing his medical practice with a holistic approach to treatment. When a chance meeting brought the two men together, they gradually came to realize that the revelations of healing Tommy gleaned from his near-death experience aligned with the groundbreaking results Dr. Sinatra was seeing in his own practice and scientific research. Health Revelations from Heaven and Earth brings divine wisdom together with the science of how we can live as God intended. Let this book lead you toward revitalized health, a newfound sense of purpose, and spiritual balance. Fully corroborated by Dr. Sinatra's four decades of medical expertise, these divine lessons bring Heaven and Earth a little bit closer.

Between Heaven and Earth

Between Heaven and Earth Author Sue Kerman
ISBN-10 9789652295163
Year 2011
Pages 185
Language en
Publisher Gefen Publishing House Ltd

This book is a historical novel filled with mystery, intrigue, and discovery. Zara Rubens, suddenly widowed, decides to visit Palestine. There, she creates a new life for herself in 19th century Jerusalem. She becomes acquainted with legendary historical figures of that time, such asthe British consul and his family. As a writer for The New York Times, Rubens becomes caught up in a complicated situation at the Russian compound, involving many surprising discoveries. Over a century later, Ruben's great niece inherits her diaries. She becomes fascinated by her great aunt's life. She discovers that there was more to Zara Rubens than meets the eye, and more to her, if she's willing to really search within herself.

Between Heaven and Earth

Between Heaven and Earth Author Fred Van Dyke
ISBN-10 9780313375361
Year 2010
Pages 247
Language en
Publisher ABC-CLIO

The first comprehensive survey of Christian environmental ethics and activism offers a Christian understanding of environmental conservation, protection, and stewardship that speaks directly to ongoing environmental issues. * Case histories of specific faith-based organizations doing conservation work * An extensive bibliography of theological, ethical, historical, biographical, scientific, and popular sources that address the role of Christians and the Christian church in the care of creation

Shaking Heaven and Earth

Shaking Heaven and Earth Author Walter Brueggemann
ISBN-10 0664227775
Year 2005
Pages 170
Language en
Publisher Westminster John Knox Press

This book shares the results of a symposium held to honor the work of Walter Brueggemann and Charles Cousar at Columbia Theological Seminary on the occasion of their retirement. Each author and each chapter of the book simultaneously engages the Bible, the church and the world--a three-part engagement that was fundamental to the acclaimed careers of Brueggemann and Cousar.